Friday, February 19, 2010

See you later 100 kilo...

...or actually goodbye forever!

Cracked the hated 100 kilo (220.4 lbs) limit today! And with style - 99.5kg (219.3 lbs).

I haven't weighed this little since the late 90's. I was dancing around like a rabbit on an overdose of caffeine.

This is absolutely nuts. I eat good food. I eat when I am hungry. And I am still losing weight. Life couldn't be better!

I've lost almost 30% of my target loss. 7.3 kg (16lbs) down, 16.5 kg (36lbs) to go. 12 centimeters (4.7inches) around the waist. 2 clothes sizes. And all this in only 1 month!!!!


  1. Congratulations Peter :)
    LCHF is a good way of living. I started one year ago, on 1st of March. I will never go back to my old habits, with a lot of carb's.
    Good luck./ Birgitta

  2. Hi again. I added Your blog to my blogroll. Like what I see here, will come back and read more.
    I have some visitors from US, I'm sure they will like it too ;)

  3. First of all, thank you for your kind words Birgitta, all encouragement is very motivating. :)

    Thank you also for adding me to your blogroll. I have already been visiting your blog and think it's very pretty and well written. I've also posted the link to your blog at, you have some very yummy recipes at your blog. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank's Peter :)
    I am very glad to hear that You like my blog.
    I am trying to share my knowledge about cooking this way, to help others to become healthier.

    I am now retired after 18 years as a restaurant Chef, my back didn't want to work anymore.
    But I still have to eat every day, and found this way of sharing it. Hopefully I can make some people to discover good, healthy food.
    So nice that You posted at Matdagboken :)
    See You around.