About Me

My name is Peter. I am 43 years old. I've gained weight slowly, but surely since I was 25. After last Christmas (2009) I finally had had enough. A friend of mine inspired me. Jaime, you rock!

My life has changed since late January. From waking up dead tired, eating 6 times a day, having no energy at all, a BMI of 31 and snoring like a pig, I have gone to waking up energized, sleeping 1-2 hours less per night and losing 15 lbs. More beneficial effects here. You can contact me here: Gmail


  1. it is wrong how words such as organic have been hijacked! when reading ingredients of products which are so small only those with a magnifying glass can read you discover they bare no resemblance to what most people think of as organic!
    this is not aimed at the genuine but large manufactures who still manage to deceive.
    my eyes are open but it is a mine field out there!

  2. Most of the mega conglomerates, Kraft, Unilever et al, are about profit margins. If you can replace natural ingredients with chemicals yet maintain a decent level of flavor, then why not? Decency and food manufacturing are no longer buddies, unfortunately...

  3. Hi Peter, I just started this diet, I let you know how I go.
    I am Swedish but live in Australia.
    Just ordered a LCHF cookbook in Swedish.

  4. Hi Anita.

    Sweden sends greetings and good luck wishes! :)

  5. Hello Peter.

    I am Hafiza and i am chubby since baby. I was told that I was born so little that my parents need to give me a lot of vitamins to be a healthy infant.

    I guess small or bigger size, my apatite do big. Just find this site. Hope that I will gain a lot of information here.

    from Malaysia. :)

  6. Hello Peter! My name is Carlton Soo. I've just sent you an e-mail with some questions concerning the LCHF diet.

    I however have another quick question, about snacking. What do you snack on or recommend? Giving up potato chips and other junk food will take some willpower, but surely there are alternatives?

    And is it okay to use Mayonnaise on salads?

    Thanks so much for putting up this website! I tried to get onto a LCHF forum but it was in Swedish, so I couldn't understand.

    Been trying this for a week now... sugar cravings are so bad haha! Have a great day :D

    From Australia :D

  7. Check your email Carlton.

    I didn't snack at all in the beginning. I made sure I was full when I ate my main meals. If you have to I would recommend i.e. cheese, olives.

    Mayo in food? I love mayo and always have mayo at home. Just try to buy high quality mayo and full fat.

    Best of luck Carlton,