The Good

Ive been thinking about the positives of LCHF, apart from the brutal weight loss of course.
  1. Daily headache gone.
  2. No sugar craving, gone day 2.
  3. Very good food, love my heavy cream sauces
  4. Less hunger, no snacks at all
  5. Smoother joints. They feel like I greased them with motor oil.
  6. No gases. Thank goodness!
  7. Less toilet visits (is there a kosher way to talk about #2? Lol.) LCHF means you eat more natural food, so there are less by-products which your body has no use for. Think of it like nuts. You eat the content and throw away the shells. Same thing.
  8. Better sleep. I don't wake during the nights as I used to.
  9. Less sleep. I sleep on average 1-2 hours less per night.
  10. More energy. After my breakfast with eggs and bacon I feel like I could climb Mount Everest.
  11. My taste buds or palette have gotten far more sensitive. I enjoy food more because of it.
  12. No more snoring. That can drive anyone crazy, both the sleeper and the person forced to listen to it.
  13. I can tie my shoes without wondering if there is something else I can do while I am down there. :)
  14. My heels were hard as a rock before. Some days my heels were so cracked it hurt to walk. Today there is little sign left of my cracked heels.
  15. Same thing with my elbows. I got dry skin that resembled psoriasis. Big cakes of dry skin. Today it is almost gone.
  16. My hair has become soft and shiny in a way I haven't seen since my youth.
  17. Dandruff is gone. No more snow on my shirts and jackets.
Other reported health benefits:
  1. Asthma reduced or gone completely.
  2. Spring allergies gone.  
  3. Diabetes type 2. Major reduction in medication. Some reported cases have ceased their medication completely.
  4. Reiters disease. Reduction in medicines after only three weeks of LCHF.
  5. Fibromyalgia. Pain in muscles almost completely gone.
  6. Bleeding gums completely healed. I´ve noticed my gums have gotten much healthier.
  7. Athlete´s foot, tinea pedis, healed completely.
  8. Immune system improved considerably. LCHF eaters seldom get sick.
  9. Improved triglycerides.
  10. Improved blood pressure.
  11. Improved HDL, good cholesterol.
  12. Fasting blood sugar improved.
  13. Statin treatment ended.
  14. Arthrosis improved significantly.


    1. Hello Peter! :) It's really impressive that for such a short time being on a LCHF diet you've got your robust and I think mental health back! Good health is above wealth! :) I am happy for you indeed and proud of you and your strength of will! You seem very inspired...

    2. I am very inspired. :) Thank you for your kind words, Elyuschka.

    3. Peter - how can you consume bacon if there is no sugar. Does something happen to the bacon when it is cured? I am on the HCG diet and there is no sugar allowed, similar to your diet. I would like to add bacon to my protein list.

      Congratulations of feeling better!

    4. Hi Lynn!

      I'm not sure I understand your question about the bacon. I believe you are thinking I am eating it raw (uncooked)? If so, that is not the case. I fry the bacon in a pan and then use the fat from the bacon to fry the omelette.

      Or perhaps you mean there is sugar added in the preparation of the bacon sold in the stores?

      Help me out here! :)

    5. Awesome benefits!