Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is NO connection between saturated fat and cardiovascular (heart) disease

Swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldt posted on his blog, Kostdoktorn, today (in Swedish):

"There is no connection between consumption of  saturated fat and cardiovascular diseases.
- Peter Nilsson.
Professor of Cardiovascular Research. January 2010
”Two generations of Swedes have been misinformed about what they should eat, and Swedes have been trying to decrease fat intake in vain. It is time to overlook today's dietary advice and base them on modern science."
- Göran Berglund,
Professor of Internal Medicine, Lund, Sweden. 2009.

”Scientists have been nagging us about low-fat diets for 30 years, and it turns out to be completely wrong. There is no evidence connecting saturated fat with cardiovascular disease.”
- Fredrik Nyström,
Professor of Internal Medicine. 2009.

”We have underestimated the danger of carbohydrates and overestimated the danger of fat.”
- Johan Frostegård,
Professor of Medicine at The Karolinska Institute. 2010.
To quote the famous Ancel Keys who is the main reason most westerners are terrified of saturated fat:
"People should know the facts. Then if they want to eat themselves to death, let them."
 That Ancel Keys' research got such a hold of Western diet is shameful.

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