Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obesity 'often set before age of two'

BBC NEWS reports:

"A [US] study of more than 100 obese children and teenagers found more than half were overweight by 24 months and 90% were overweight by the age of five.
Although the reason for rapid weight gain in early life is not well understood, contributing factors are likely to be poor diet, early introduction of solid food, and not getting enough exercise, the researchers said."
 When I see these kind of reports I always ask myself the same question:
If Health Departments give advice on how to eat and exercise, and people still become obese, does the problem lie with the people or with the advice?
 Full article here:

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"16% of American youth 6-19 are now overweight and 34% are at risk for becoming overweight."
--Centers for Disease Control, August 2007

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