Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicken and tzatziki

Not only am I losing weight and getting healthier. I have become quite the decent cook as well. Started cooking almost every day about a year ago. And now I've become pretty decent at cooking. Eating LCHF has made food almost a religious thing to me. I eat every meal as if it was my last.

Today's dinner was beautiful, whole grilled chicken with oven baked tomatoes and tzatziki. Super yummy. And after marinating the chicken one day in advance, without using salt (don't marinate chicken with salt, it will make it dry when done) of course, with garlic, lemon, thyme and some olive oil, the chicken came out with the skin as crispy as you could wish. Moist beautiful meat and delicious with the tzatziki. Super simple food, yet super tasty.

Also, great knives make cooking so much easier. Wüsthof being the knives of my choice.

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