Saturday, February 13, 2010

Low-Carb Diets Work -- and They're Healthy

Go ahead, have the steak, but skip the potato and the pasta.

In an article at Men's Health a study is presented, which indicates what most Low Carb High Fat dieters already know. It is the most effective way of dieting. And it is healthy.
 "[]he said the study showed the Atkins diet may be more healthful than many of its critics have said. After a year their cholesterol and blood pressure readings were slightly better than those on the other three diets."
  1. The bad cholesterol LDL, remained at the same level with all diets.
  2. The good cholesterol HDL increased the most with the Atkins (LCHF) diet.
  3. The triglyceride levels, a measure of saturated fat in your blood, decreased the most with LCHF. Double the closest diet and 7 times more than the "worst" diet.
Strange how propaganda can make us believe what is not true. We can all thank the "great" Dr Ancel Keys for making us scared of fat. Below is a chart of the weight change achieved with the different diets.


        Full article at Men's Health

        Full study can be read at The Journal of American Medical Association.


        1. It may be hard to start and get used to ketogenic nutrition, but at the end, most of the people eventually see the benefits of this diet. I know many people who successfully applied this diet even in conditions like epilepsy, but many also find it effective in weight loss.

        2. Hi Sylvia.

          I find it interesting how fast the body gets used to new nutrition. I on occasion, have some pasta (Bad, bad, bad) or bread and within 15 minutes I get stomach cramps and/or have to rush off to the bathroom.

          The downside of eating low carb, at least for me, is I no longer see yummy potatoes or delicious sandwiches or fantastic pasta genovese. I just see highcarb or healthy food.

          I go to this Thai place and have lunch now and then. The base of most meals is rice, which I obviously don't touch. I think they don't like me at the Thai place, since I only eat the "expensive" stuff and never touch the deep-fried rolls or the rice, which is what normal eating people eat to get that wonderful "high-carb-I-think-I-am-pregnant-full-feeling." ;)

          But they haven't given me the evil eye yet, so I keep returning there. :)