Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2.2 lbs just today


I 've been losing about 0.6 lbs per day. Today I lost 2.2 lbs exactly and that despite consciously eating exactly what I should eat. Normally I'm a few hundred calories below what I should eat. The target calorie count, not the maintenance calories.

I read about a woman the other day. She did this. She started off with eating what she normally eats and then she cut 100 calories per day until the weight loss got to a level she felt comfortable with. After that she stuck to that amount calories. Perhaps I lose less weight if I fall too low. The next few days will have to show that.

But losing 2.2 lbs in a day?? That's nuts. I measured my waist as well. I've lost 2.36 inches in the first 11 days. Makes me so happy I want to cry.

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