Sunday, February 21, 2010

Skip the bananas, lose weight

Read an article in Dagens Nyheter (the biggest newspaper in Sweden) today.
"A 64 year old woman had been treated for diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure and weighed 273 lbs."
She was recommended, in January 2007, by her doctor do quit eating bananas, which she did twice a day. Without making any other lifestyle changes or diet changes she lost 26 lbs the first year, simply by not eating bananas. By spring 2009 she had lost a total of 60 lbs.

She had ended her insulin treatment as a result and her blood pressure medicin had been reduced by 50%. Her husband who also quit eating bananas, lost 22 lbs during the same time.
"A 42 year old man had a habit of drinking half a gallon of soda every day. He had been doing so for a long time."

When recommended by his doctor to stop this habit, he lost 17 lbs in a few weeks.
"An office removed the bowl of fruit from the staff room by mistake."
Within a few weeks, almost all employees had lost a few pounds, which surprised them in a good way. Some employees suspected the fruit, but nobody said anything.

More on fructose:

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Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish)

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