Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A lion in a circus cage

"A human who lives a modern life can be seen as a lion in a circus cage. Much alike the lion she is confined to her cage and deprived of her natural life. The cage may be called an apartment, car, subway or office. Let us study how the lion and the human functions in its captivity.
A lot of experts say, lack of exercise leads to obesity. But if this was true the lion should grow in all directions. But the lion stays fit, as long as it is fed meat. Meat is the natural food of a lion. With meat as a nutrient the lion regulates its body weight, even in a cage. But give the lion factory made fodder and its stomach will soon touch the ground."

"The only thing which has been constant through the years are the warnings of saturated fat. It is always as dangerous. This is a worrying message since breast milk contains large amounts of saturated fat. Thus, don't breastfeed!"

From Ät dig ner i vikt by Sten Sture Skaldeman.


And a study about carbohydrates and fat:

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