Sunday, March 21, 2010

Women from a Male Perspective

I have a friend. Her name is Helene. She has four children and she is single. Two of them are now adults, and two around ten or so. Helene has been one of my heroes for a long time. Being a single mother of four is something almost unimaginable for a man. To succeed in bringing up four children alone is an admirable feat. Her children are great. Some parents can't even manage one child. And they are twice as many.

I know another mother. Her name is Heather. She has three children. Her life has been hell to say the least. But her children are fine and she has struggled like an beast to make ends meet and to raise her children well. She is another of my heroes.

I listened to a radio show a while ago. Four mothers were talking. One said:
"The mother is always the dumpster. She always stays. The children know a mother never abandons. Fathers are away so much the children are grateful for what little they get from him. The father must not be pressured, questioned or intimidated. If he is, he might leave for goodThen maybe he abandons the kids forever. The mother's reward for her loyalty, kindness and love is - she gets to be the garbage can. "
We live in a so-called equal country. An equal country where women still face discrimination daily. Equal pay for equal work is probably not even worth mentioning. Nor that typical "female professions" are lower paid than typical "male professions".

When you go shopping together, it does not matter if it's the woman who starts off the negotiations with the salesman. The salesman sooner or later turns to the man to conclude the sale. I have personally experienced this multiple times and every time I shake my head: Don't look at me, talk to her.

Women give birth. They have their period. When they give birth, they get stretch marks. They go through menopause. Men shave. Poor men.

In the United States, a single mother over thirty is as attractive on the relation market, as that moldy thing in the back of the fridge you know you should throw away, but you think is too disgusting to touch, so you wait a little longer to toss it.

On the coast of West Africa, there is an indigenous tribe ruled by women. Their language has no word for war. That says everything needing to be said about women. And men.

Men are not really worthy of women's love. Men rape, murder and pillage. Women love, educate and nurture.

Women deserve all our respect. I love women. Because they exist and because they tolerate us men. Thank you.

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