Saturday, March 6, 2010

So you think you're a night person

Since I changed my diet I´ve been having a harder and harder time to maintain my self image of being a night person. I think one thing - my body another. I am losing the battle. Last night I fell asleep at ten.

The time is 6.58 a.m. I woke up about half an hour ago. The sun is barely rising. I would not get up at half past six on a Saturday earlier, even if I got paid. Now I am starting to like it. Everything is quiet and peaceful.

Within a not too distant future the ice will be gone and the snow will only be a memory. The time to dig out my equipment will have arrived. The best time to fool a silver bullet is sunrise and sundown. A silver bullet is a sea trout. If you never had spring sea trout, you are missing out. A delicacy.

Sean Croxton of speaks a lot of sleep and hormones. Below I´ve posted a video of his about sleep, stress and cortisol. Your body produces cortisol naturally in the morning. It´s to get us started and wake us up.

In the evening melatonin is produced. It´s to make you sleepy and to put the body in sleep mode. The best way to stay awake in the evening is to drink caffeine or eat carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar levels. You force the body to stay awake when you do that. Of course, it´s not healthy to counteract your natural need to sleep. It didn't matter if I slept 5, 8 or 10 hours before. I would wake up tired no matter when I got up or how long I slept. Since I changed my diet I sleep less and wake up energized. Energized in a way I haven't felt in a very long time. It's a wonderful feeling. I feel 20 years younger.

Have a great weekend everyone. :)


  1. I have the same experience, Peter. Wake up at 5-5.30 every morning. I like it now, but at first it felt so strange.
    Looking forward to the fishing season too, by my little cabin in the northern part of Dalarna. Have a lot of "Harr" in the river there :)

  2. That´s funny Birgitta, I go to Storån almost every summer. ;) Perhaps we have met. :)

    It is indeed strange to wake up that early and not be tired at all. I´d like to snooze, but I simply can´t. :)

  3. Then You know my neighborhood ;)
    I grew up by Fuluälven, went to school in Särna. It's a small world...
    A great, small part of Sweden.

  4. A wonderful part of Sweden. I love Dalarna. :)