Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eating Low Carb makes you stupid

There is a diet in Sweden callled the ISO-diet. It is basically a diet which divides protein, fat and carbohydrates into equal parts.

At the homepage of the ISO-diet, the founder Fredrik Paulun with a Masters in Nutrition, compares six different diets. He claims the following about low carb:
"Ketone bodies are formed in the body when on a low carbohydrate diet. Ketones are acidic and makes the environment in the body more acidic, which increases the risk for brittle-bone disease, inflammation, constipation and pain. The brain also doesn´t function as well, with a lower carbohydrate intake and you lose interest in exercise. Simply put, it makes you stupid."
Link for those who read Swedish:

NOTE: This is not satire, even though it might make a few people laugh. 

Also note that his claims are pure fabrication except for the constipation part which could be a transitional side effect of switching to a low carb diet.

The ISO-diet is Paulun´s baby - one of his businesses. Let´s all wish him best of luck with his business and his business methods. When a business owner has so little faith in his own method he relies on slandering the competition, well, that´s all that needs to be said of the owner and the method.

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